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Skins Stamping Community

a skins stamping community
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A Skins Stamping Community

This is a stamping community dedicated to the British TV Series - Skins, created by B (lovejustlied) who has passed the reins to your mods: Jacintha (schmaltzyyy) and Samantha (daisyulliel). Feel free to PM us for any query. We don't bite! ♥

1. Before posting your application, you have to vote on all unstamped applications. If you do not do that, you will not be stamped.
2. When posting your application, please tag it as "!unstamped".
3. To be stamped, you need 5 votes onwards.
4. Posting pictures is optional.
5. Our regular theme(s) are the S1-S2 Character Theme, S3-S4 Character Theme and S5-S6 Character Theme - feel free to apply for all of them, but you have to apply for at least one in order to apply for the follow-up themes (BFF, Mirror, Steretype, etc.)
6. If you do not like who you are stamped, you are allowed to apply for re-stamps.
7. Please be honest and detailed about yourself, so we can vote and stamp you correctly.
8. To ensure that you have read the rules, in your first application, you must have, "Hi I'm (insert name here), so glad to meet you!" as your subject line followed by the theme you're applyijng for. (E.g. Hi, I'm name, so glad to meet you! // theme here)
9. For your second application onwards, your subject line should be something like, "Stamped as (insert stamped character) // (insert theme you're applying for)" (E.g. Stamped as Chris // S2-S4 Character Theme)
10. Do not apply for two themes at one go. Be patient!
11. Bold your vote and try not to sheep - if possible, provide a description. You do not need to be a member to vote.
12. Have fun!

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